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023 Discovery Workshops – Dan Carlton – The Paragraph Project

Dan Carlton sitting by Window

Dan Carlton is founder of The Paragraph Project, a 10 person agency in Durham, North Carolina that focuses on discovery, market research, and brand strategy. Dan talks about the importance of running discovery workshops and how to run them effectively. He also introduces The Discovery Toolkit which was just launched on Kickstarter.

The Discovery Toolkit is a nifty kit that makes it super easy to run discovery workshops using card-based exercises. The Paragraph Project was nice enough to send us their prototype and it’s a very intuitive and simple system for getting your clients to express important insights about their brand.

The Kickstarter ends Thursday, November 10th 2016. Don’t miss out. You can contribute or get your own kit here:

(Note this is an affiliate link, so if you support the Discovery Toolkit you are also supporting the Creative Agency Podcast.)

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