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Join me, Chris Bolton, and over 950 other agency owners, leaders, and experts in discussions in Slack. Discuss growth, pricing, sales, billing, refining your niche—whatever you like. Meet experts, influencers, freelancers, future employees, and collaborators from around the globe.

Ask agency questions and get agency answers!

Agency Slack Group-Conversation: Does anyone have any recommendations for freelance designers (static or motion), copywriters, or photo/videographers? Feel free to reply here or DM if you prefer - thank you!

Get agency help with scope issues and contracts . . .

Agency Slack Conversation: Anyone here have info on whether as a solo owner LLC it’s necessary to do federal Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting? I just learned that this was a thing, and kind of surprised I’ve not heard much of anything about it until I heard there was a webinar on it in January that I missed. :confused:

Participate in weekly Slack discussions

Weekly discussions: Happy Friday agency growers! I'm trying to be a little more consistent in posting a Friday discussion topic. My ADHD brain leans towards inconsistency so ya'll feel free to poke me. lol.
Discussion Topic: What do clients seem to need most right now? What services are being requested more often? How do you see the current economic environment affecting client needs going forward?

Learn how to market your agency and find prospects

Agency advice: I've done some Google searching but thought you all might have a suggestion/advise on where to find RFPs for digital marketing / web projects. Any suggestions are helpful (other than google it - I've done that)!

Get insights into the tools other agency owners are using in the #tools channel

Agency questions: hi is anyone using something similar or better than for Social Post Generation/Scheduling w/ Ai?

And a heck of a lot more!

Upgrade your agency knowledge and connect with experts in the Grow Your Agency Slack Group!

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