House Rules
  1. No hate speech of any kind
  2. Do not spam (Do not directly advertise your paid service. Talking about it in a discussion is ok.)
  3. Be nice
  4. Be helpful and share what you know
While this group is focused on sharing and learning about the entrepreneurial and executive side of growing an agency, it is not limited to owners and executives. If you are a copywriter or designer with goals of moving into leadership or running your own agency, we’d love to have you aboard.I like to advocate for transparency in this group.
If you feel comfortable, add your real name and agency URL to your bio. Also, share your finances, your special processes, your secret sauce, and benefit when others do the same. The more that is shared, the more we all learn and grow together.Ask questions! I know you have them. There are a lot of experienced people in this group who would love to help!