Hi There! I’m Chris Bolton

I’m an agency executive who has worn many hats and a few different titles including: Freelancer, SEO Specialist, Copywriter, Brand Strategy Director, and Executive Web Director. I’ve been working at the intersection of branding, marketing, digital, and business development for over 15 years.

My brother and I have taken an agency from 0 to 3.5 million a year. This one: Murmur Creative.

The Podcast

This group grew out of a podcast I started some time ago where I interview agency owners and innovators. It’s called the Creative Agency Podcast. Check it out here: The Creative Agency Podcast

More About Me?

I live in Portland, OR. I have ADHD. I’m a sci-fi fan, occasional musician and song writer, and the proud father of a 9-year-old boy, who is absolutely obsessed with One Piece manga.

“The One Piece is reaaaaal!”

Chris Bolton, Grow Your Agency Host
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