Managing an Interactive Project Start to Finish - Part 1

024 Managing an Interactive Project Start to Finish – Part 1

Managing interactive projects (websites and apps) ain’t easy. And it takes a special kind of personality to make sure all the necessary steps are followed and the feedback, deliverables, research, and “everything else” can happen in a timely manner.  In this two-part interview, accomplished producers Christa Arriaga-Volker and Aleta Fullenwider, walk us through the project management process start-to-finish.

Aleta and Christa have spent their entire professional careers pushing projects from infancy to maturity. They are both producers (AKA project managers) at a 21-person digital agency here in Portland, OR.

Part 1

In the first installment of this interview, Aleta and Christa begin by talking about their involvement in the pitching, onboarding, research, and discovery process. They follow up by talking about content management and associated challenges.

Be sure to check out part two, where Christa And Aleta dive into UI/UX, design, development, launch, and more.

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