Technical Proposal Writing with Zach Davis of Cast Iron Coding

005 Proposals and the Truth – Zach Davis of Cast Iron Coding

Zach Cast Iron Coding

How do you go from earning a PHD in 17th century poetry to running a coding agency? Well, Zach Davis is the man to ask. 

Zach Davis started Cast Iron Coding along with a friend 12 years ago. At the time he was an adjunct english professor in New York. Zach decided to abandon his teaching career and move to Portland to concentrate on building Cast Iron Coding into the agency it is today.

Zach’s background in English and writing would prove vital in his approach to growing his agency. In particular, it informed the craft and articulation that goes into his proposals.

Zach also has a very practical and transparent approach to conducting business. We’ll talk to Zach about this and much more in this episode of The Creative Agency Podcast.

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