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006 Our Story Part 1 – Chris & Andrew of Murmur Creative

Chris and Andrew of Murmur Creative

In this episode of The Creative Agency Podcast we turn the mic on ourselves and explore how our own creative agency has achieved success. Chris interviews his younger brother, Andrew Bolton, owner of Murmur Creative, a 10-person creative agency that has grown quickly over the last few years.

Andrew describes how he came up with the name Murmur Creative, discusses the major turning points for the business, reveals how fear-of-public-speaking influenced a major business decision, and how Chris took the big leap and joined the Murmur team, and more.

Andrew & Chris also set the lofty goal of bringing in 1 million in gross revenue for 2016. Stay tuned to see if they make it!

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2 thoughts on “006 Our Story Part 1 – Chris & Andrew of Murmur Creative”

  1. I loved this story even though I already knew most of it except for the Murmur song! Believe me, as the Murmur Mom, I did know all about the heart surgery! I am pretty proud of both of these boys and what they have accomplished! They are awesome!!! If anyone needs the type of services they provide, Murmur will not disappoint! They’ve never disappointed me.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with starting a new agency. I am one of those peeps out there that will take your valuable insight with me on my new venture of starting a website design agency. I will especially think about focusing on the client, instead of myself. Nice podcast and love the name Mur Mur!.

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