Murmur Creative Year End Review 2016 - The Creative Agency Podcast

029 Our Story Part 3 – 2016 Year End Review with Murmur Creative

Chris & Andrew in barrels at Cascade Brewing
Andrew and Chris posing at Cascade Brewing, a Murmur Creative client.

Did we hit our million dollar goal? What trials and tribulations did we face in 2016? What did we learn? What lies ahead? In this episode of the Creative Agency Podcast, we turn the mic our own creative agency, Murmur Creative, a branding and website agency located in rainy Portland, OR. In this episode, Chris interviews his brother, Andrew Bolton, owner and founder of Murmur Creative. They discuss taking on bigger projects, outgrowing clients, managing employee expectations, when to hire, what lies ahead, and more.

This episode is part of an ongoing series of brother-to-brother interviews that started with episode 6, and then episode 17. Be sure to stay tuned for more follow ups.

Questions about our agency journey? Let us know in the comments below!

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