The Importance of Content Strategy on Website Projects - Rob Mills of GatherContent

034 The Importance of Content Strategy – Rob Mills of GatherContent

Robert Mills of Gather COntent

You can’t build a website without some form of content strategy.  Rob Mills of GatherContent joins us to talk about “all things content strategy.” Rob worked as head of content at an agency for many years and now works for GatherContent. He’s a writer, blogger, author, and all-around smart guy. Rob does a great job of defining the role of Content Strategist and emphasizing the importance of content strategy in general.

Rob also explains his “content first” approach to design and explains a hybrid “proto-content” approach.

Check out Rob’s articles about content strategy here.

GatherContent is also the sponsor of this episode. GatherContent is a software tool that allows you to easily collaborate with your clients in the content gathering and writing phases of a website project.

GatherContent also allows you to export content directly into a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, and much more.

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