Building a Software Product In-House - Kyle Racki of Proposify

010 Building a Product In-House – Kyle Racki of Proposify

Kyle Racki Proposify

Kyle Racki of Proposify shares his story of growing an in-house software product while running a digital agency.

Kyle explains how he and his business partner built Proposify while simultaneously running their former agency, Headspace. And how they struggled while trying to sell their agency in order to concentrate on Proposify.

Whether or not you’ve ever entertained the idea of building a “software as a service product,” Kyle’s story shows how a combination of passion, fortitude, and learning-from-mistakes can help forge the path toward success.

Now, as you may already know, we use Proposify at Murmur Creative and we love it. Kyle and the folks at Proposify were nice enough to share a special offer for listeners of the Creative Agency Podcast: Two free months of Proposify!

Use this link to get the offer:

Kyle has published numerous articles about building a product in house. For more info, check out these articles:

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Also check out Kyle’s podcast, Agencies Drinking Beer. It’s great!

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