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013 The Art of Discovery – David Yarde of Sevenality

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Sevenality is a florida-based husband and wife creative agency run by Angelica and David Yarde. Sevenality specializes in branding and website design. David talks about the importance of the discovery process, how they approach discovery, and how it influences the success of the projects they undertake.

While discovery comes in many shapes and sizes, the goal is to intimately understand a business’s’ ethos and problems. When done well, this prepares the agency to execute on behalf of the client. In the discovery process the agency plays the role of both therapist and researcher as they suss out the issues, problems, challenges, and needs of a business. The discovery process can be as simple as a questionnaire or as involved as a series of interviews, workshops, reports, data research, and more.

Listen in as David describes Sevenality’s approach to discovery.

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3 thoughts on “013 The Art of Discovery – David Yarde of Sevenality”

  1. Allison Olson

    It is so refreshing to hear in depth podcasts about design processes from people who are in the business where it doesn’t feel like a plug or marketing ploy. David is such an eloquent speaker and informed resource. Thanks for sharing your secrets and tools you use to improve your work flow.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Allison! We had a blast sharing some of the things we’ve learned over the years and I’m glad you found it useful!

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