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017 Our Story Part 2 – Developing a Vision with Murmur Creative

Chris and Andrew of Murmur Creative

Defining the vision you have for your agency is one of the most important things you can do to foster ongoing success. Yes, we all have ideas about what we want, but putting those ideas on paper and refining your goals and expectations can have a huge impact on your business. 

This is “Part 2” of the story behind our creative agency, Murmur Creative. You can find Part 1 here.

Chris Bolton, our host, and his brother Andrew (owner of Murmur Creative) talk about their struggles and successes over the first half of 2016. They discuss their “million dollar goal” for the year as well as their predictions for the future.

During the show Chris and Andrew talk about Murmur Creative’s new “vision statement.” You can download the full document here.

Chris also recommends the book Agency: Starting a Creative Firm in the Age of Digital Marketing (Advertising Age) by Rick Web.

Thoughts on the show? Questions for Chris or Andrew? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “017 Our Story Part 2 – Developing a Vision with Murmur Creative”

  1. Thanks for the inside peek into many aspects of running Murmur Creative! I always enjoy hearing how other agencies do things behind the scenes. I’m growing my team too, so it was interesting to hear how you’ve done that.

  2. Thanks Chad! We’re happy to share. It’s a fun and challenging journey. And I know we’re not the only ones figuring all this stuff out!

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